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October Dose–Short story:1


A short story about a girl named Clara.

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Short story!!
Sudden things!!!!


It’s the time of mid October and the weather have turned rainy all of a sudden and the fragrance of the mud which is replenished by water is bringing the dopamine on rise. Clara have been delaying her bathing time as she is working on the project.
Her mind was working hard and without asking for any distractions.. Still… The mind was going away and was fantasizing about him.
She knew somewhere in her body.. Oh yes!!! Heart.. That he also likes and love her, totally!!
But neither of them have said anything to each other. He is the guy who works for similar company in different project.
He have deep set of eyes which flirts a lot and makes all the girls blush. She hates it when he clicks the pictures with other girls but still ends up liking all if it.
That’s the reason she loves him to the moon and back. Whatever and however he is.. She loves him!!
He is an clever guy.
One day, Clara’s friend didn’t came along with her for gym and she was having her energy drink all alone and all of a sudden a strong and sexy looking cupid arrived right in front of her and offered her to shoot an arrow towards the person she loves.
Hearing it she just gasped..
He continued…
Cupid warns her that if the person already has one existing affection towards her, it will disappear when the arrow strikes.
All that she wanted to do was just say aloud everything she had in her heart. She just wanted to let it all out… And express… Whatever happens..

She started talking to her love and expressed her heart and it was a yes from both sides.. Totally..

Cupid was impressed and kept him right there in front of her and never dared to disappear him.
Cupid strikes love.
He made her do it.
And now,
She is a lot more happier all of a sudden.
So many things happen which happen all of a sudden. But there is that happiness which only unexpected good things bring in. Some things are great when they happen all of a sudden. We start going at a beautiful place and there we may find our soul mate… All of a sudden.. Those are the moments you start to know yourself and start to reveal yourself in much better way.
But sometimes when that sudden moment which brought happiness your way suddenly vanishes off.. It brings a pang of sadness… Which no one really wants..

That wave of excitement and thrill which moments that —happen all of sudden bring are truly memorable!!


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