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Express #5

Hey!!  How are You?? 

Then yes the plane landed on the airport after all.. And she was taken to the hospital…it’s a fracture in the ankle and tomorrow have a operation day in the morning. 

What to speak about the situations we face?  

Anything could come and anyone could go… anyhow.. 

My Nani was getting in train and she fell down and her foot was fractured. So,  our relatives booked a plane ticket after the hospitalization and she was admitted here in our city’s hospital.  I m glad that she came here as getting in plane was her first ever experience and even my uncle’s it was… they even didn’t dreamt of getting or travelling with plane ever… but we never know.. Anything could happen.. ‘kuch bhi Ho Sakta he”

Is it alright to make plans all the time?  Sometimes it’s okay not to have a plan. Going with the flow is also a good option. 

I m glad that I live in the same city to take care of my family. Really I feel good. When my Nana (grandpa) was not well I used to be along with him. I like to make people happy… !! Now ,few days back we were planning a rememberence bdayy party in the name of my passed owwa (grandpa) . It’s his B-Day tomorrow but my Nani is at hospital.. Who have imagined things like this?  When everyone wants to get the good feelings in they have to see the bit that good things to.. 

My experience at hospital just few months back was again getting me in and I was remembering all the things happened few months back at the time of owwa.. 

Hospital is a place where we get another life and we get to learn what life is and what could have it been. It’s not only the place where our ECGs are checked.. It makes us think and get aware that these are the heartbeats which beated when I saw him. Haha.. Also this is a sign that I m alive and normal and the clinical view could be different..the spikes in the graph of ecg gets to point that heart is working and when there are no spikes.. You know what does it mean?  

Spikes are in Life..okay! If it’s all time good then that’s not life… it’s all about ups and downs. It gets to the solution that we are alive.

So have a spiky life. Be content with it. There is never all time good and never it is bad. Okay!!  Spikes are there!!  And there should be…really..!! 

My exams are gonna begin very soon and I want all to get well soon and it will get better soon for sure.

Let’s share more spiky stories and events in our life. 

I will surely share, and so do you!!  You will!! 
Take care!!!! 

Do check my all writings… And let me know your opinion. 


5 thoughts on “Express #5

  1. This is such a deep post, turning20web.
    It speaks the reality of this world. When one tries to live a happy life, sorrow crashes in and destroys the happiness we thought we had.
    I am sorry about the passing of your grandfather, losing a loved one is emotional and hard to comprehend, such pain and sorrow. I am sending you my deepest sympathy.
    I wish you all the best for your grandmother,
    My mother’s parents have passed away and I never had the chance to meet them, my dad’s parents, only his mother is alive. From all the sorrow we experience, we often may think what’s the purpose of life?
    May your grandmother get well, whilst you are at her presence you should remind her about the good things she has done in her life, that would make her feel better ❤

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