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Express #2

Expressing! ! 

Let’s start today 

Just watch a new born kid. A face full of innocence and sensing all the new world around ,expresses!!. Mother understands it anyhow even if we don’t get it…

We do express ourselves by our actions. “actions speaks louder than words” sometimes.  Sometimes, our words are also understood. Sometimes our words act like a medicine and sometimes they take a form of sword. Truly,  words have power. Lot of power. We can mend and break once heart just by words. So never do it.. We do it sometimes indirectly though our intentions are not that way. …it happens.. We shall not harm anybody’s feelings. …

Do express your anger… but in good way.. If you are hot-tempered then try to learn anger management and when get in that anger try to say in mind 10 , 9,8 , 7, 6….and so on…don’t throw up that anger.. Just stay calm.. Anger will harm your brain cells.  So, be calm!!  Express your anger you felt about later in neat way. There is no need of shouting all the time. Remember,  Lion roars , not all the time… right?? But yeah.. Dogs do bark all the time… 

Twenties and our whole life in fact is all about how we express and how we convey our thoughts ‘in a good way’.  

Being expressive is calculated sometimes as a bad quality and sometimes we are told to get expressive…..

But I think,  it’s always better to let your emotions out. 
Take care,

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