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The ‘C’!! #1


How are you??

Today I am going to write about Confidence.

I have been reading a lot of articles on ‘confidence’. I have heard lots of shows on how to boost our confidence. We see top 5 things you shall do to get confident. I am sure you have also heard lot of it. 

In my opinion,  confidence levels increases when we do tough tasks in our lives. When we do tasks for which we have fear for and (get through it well)  we get more confident. It (confidence) blooms in us when we are open to experience.

Does the confidence level change between rich and poor? What are the factors which gives confidence level so much variance?  Is it like if you have more money than the person in front of you,  you get the sense of confidence? 

But it’s not that way. Money can’t get you totally confident. It’s not to make you feel superior.

Example:  if a poor girl who has a good talent of dancing and she has confidence on her own skill and the monetarial help which she will get will clear up the obstacles, but confidence is rose as she practices hard and hone up her skill sets. I hope, you are getting what I m trying to say. 

She overcame her (financial) obstacle as she got financial help. 


She got good confidence as she practiced with her heart and created elegant dance moves.

     As the sole of the shoe needs to be in proper shape and should make you comfortable and has its own value. In the same way our soul is very important. Confidence needs to be built in soul and nurtured there. Then you will shine without any doubt. 
Feel confident!!  
Take care, 


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