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Allowed #5(life out of door) 

Hey !!  How are you??  

If everything is going on well.. That’s great!!  We will make all things more well then for sure and for those who needs to sort out something in their ongoing lives,  don’t worry.. I am there!!  Share with me!!  We will solve and collect all those scattered pieces of our puzzles.. And collect them together.. And let’s experience how beautiful the solved puzzle looks like..we will solve it together. 


When we sometime do something which no one expects from us. But we wanted to do it or get something ( a thing you were asking for since so long)  if you get it from your own savings and reward yourself a little bit. Is anything wrong?  If you ask your elders and you know your ears are gonna listen to No!!  ( the thing you wished you wanted is a good thing not bad at all)  you get it for yourself… It’s such a funny thing sometimes that elders get dissapointed by us thinking that they are always right and they don’t listen at what we are trying to say. Are girls only born to live her life listening.. Just listening and acting accordingly. How can one shut their door for their child?  Just because she listened at her heart. 

Fine!! If we consider that she is wrong.  ( that girl listened at you for five years. She was really patient. Really!!  She wanted to have it..a good camera!! She thought,  she didn’t wait for the elders to give her(which they were not Giving) , she got it through her savings.. She did not robbed neither she sold herself. She is a women, and even though the males or the elders consider women or the girl as a stupid. They are wrong.  She knows her worth. She have brain. She will work, sell her knowledge and not her body to earn a living. She may be a badass.. She may be wrong.. But neither those elders are correct always. 

You throw lemons at her and she will make (orange)  juice of it..!!  

When someone shuts the door for someone.. It’s humiliating for the one who is out. Where to go? Is the top question. And I bet, if one survive to live and experience the situation. They will certainly emerge strong. Getting a job, and reaching high levels.. Shall be the paramount thing!!       Truly,  life in the beginning of being out is not good. But it has lot of experiences of the world outside which throws bad experience at us first. The one who is out indeed gets smart. 

 It may feel a messy thing for the one who is going through. It is!!  But getting over the situation is possible if you put in some effort and be smart.

You will have stable life, a good family, good job,  and lots of goodies.. 

Life appears so much messy sometimes that we start thinking about how and when these all fucking mess happen.. 

But if we think that we will solve it.. We will solve it!!  It’s important to believe in yourself..!! Confident!!  

Let’s take a deep breath together. Yeah!!  1, 2, 3…very good!!  And now exhale it… 3…2….1…see!! How our mind calms down..!! Breathing plays very important role. Breath slowly and in a calm way.  Ok!!  You will live long life for sure.. 

Life comes with full of difficulties, face it like challenges..find courage!!  Be courageous!! 

Even you have done any mistake, try that to make it less effective.  Try that you won’t do it again. If you have broke trust of someone,  try to deal with it and make and do something to gain the trust. I know you can do it!!  It may take sometime…but you will!!     

Take care!!  

Opinion by you is always welcome. Please do share with me your views.

And tell me how are you ‘feeling’ now?? 

                     Thanks for reading!! 

Twenties are all about extending your views, sometimes disappointing elders (which is not actually disappointment)  and then knowing through them that we have grown up and got horn like an ox. And are independent.  It’s all about dealing with uncertainties and overcoming it positively..!!  

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