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Possessive Bee!

I am possessive over a yoga mat. So, I practice Yoga or some form of exercise every day. Today my little brother asked me whether he can borrow my Yoga Mat and Oh holy moly allowed him and kept churning through my emotions. "That's my mat. That's where I get to unwind and that's my… Continue reading Possessive Bee!

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Insta-tine #1

It's Sunday here and this week has been great so far. My granny birthday was yesterday and we celebrated on facetime and that was a great experience. We all are away! In recent times, I have made a good effort to not allow the people in my life just because I need someone to rant… Continue reading Insta-tine #1

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Looking for solution #8

Hello, My afternoon are mostly dedicated to sleep these days. It feels great when that sticky saliva sneaks out of the mouth and makes the mattress wet leaving you feel yeuuukk when you get up. Haha! Well, I am having my birthday coming up. Yes! So, I am on the lookout of any stationery shop… Continue reading Looking for solution #8