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July: Love and Relationships 2021

Hello fellas! My heart will go on and on! I am very high after getting vaccinated. Ready for him! So, the guy I dated earlier this year came back again and he is good and all but I am not ready to let him in my zone because I hate that so much ambivalence exist.… Continue reading July: Love and Relationships 2021

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Kissed wish!

First time we met. Book fair was in our fate. We flashed our smile through our masks. Our vibes were meant to be clicked. Non-stop exchanges of glances. Kissing through the running car. First kiss of the decade. Fresh and juicy! The day just was the sexiest day she ever had since a while. She… Continue reading Kissed wish!

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Dates & Tastes- January round up

Ask questions and get straight answers so you are free to wade through the sea even if its on your own. So. So. So. The two guys I was dating are done with. One of them is like very confusing but you know what I really liked him. He is super good with words and… Continue reading Dates & Tastes- January round up

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January: Love, Relationships 2021

Okay. So I am starting this whole brand new decade by revamping the dating and actively participating in knowing them all and maybe I will fall in love with any one or may be they will fall in love. Let's see what happens. Here I will be sharing few of those things. So, lets get… Continue reading January: Love, Relationships 2021