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sanitized body of you

The sanitized body of you, Glides over me The post-pandemic world gasps at me Your feel nourishes each cells of my body, You pull me closer, Say you are clean (lol) Bumble boys were kicked out, Hinge dating didn't worked out, Tinder didn't allowed me to grind, But, You make me feel winnn.. you are… Continue reading sanitized body of you

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Get in my Jumanji

Hahaha! The Jumanji down south of me has been waiting for you. Get inside and don't dodge it at all. The heat and the winter bliss are blending because of you and me. You are the hot guy who makes the jumanji go crazy. It waits for you as it gets wet for you. Of… Continue reading Get in my Jumanji

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Adrenala’s Misty Tales #4

She is back with some fetishes this time and some desires. Adrenala V.O I have that desire. That desire looks at me and makes me squirm. When I lay hairs down my shoulders and open them up after tying them all day. They touch my lower back. And I want him to kiss me there!… Continue reading Adrenala’s Misty Tales #4

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Birthday & “After” review.

Hey!! Yes! I saw the movie "After" and I feel that reading the books was much more intense experience. The movie is made in rush I guess and is very very fast. Those who have read the series knew what to expect but of course a one hour movie can't absorb all the scenes established… Continue reading Birthday & “After” review.