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Headspace in twenties



I was watching YouTube this morning and the ad began which was about Headspace. May be you know what it is..

Those who don’t know it’s an app useful for those who want to meditate.

Then, I was curious about which man began with this thing which turned into headspace and YouTube is running ads of it.
Look!! Generally, ads like tik tok, musically, domino’s are playing which ruin our life.. But such kind of ads which benefits us just like headspace are awesome and important.
The founder of headspace Andy came to Himalayas and learned the meditation.
(Being an Indian this thing makes me proud)
And later this pioneer of the app went back to UK and began the ‘headspace’.
Such a good thing!!

We Indians sometimes forget how great out ancient times were. They were full of modern things and open minded people existed. I love that India.
Now, people are going crazy because of castes and things which are not good.
Indians need a PM who really meditates and learns about himself more and develops the country for good. India need a government who have a mind and know what to do with it.
The nation’s youth are turning towards bad habits and are getting addicted.
They need to get inspired by good lifestyle.
I m glad to see that technology and mindfulness have found a way to start working together.
I hope this will make all of us happier.
Returning back to the topic, which is headspace.. I stumbled across a video by huffpost which you need to watch to know more about such a pristine voice of Andy.
Watch it here

We young generation get started nowadays only when something have found its place over google play store. I mean something which have found its place as an app. So, that we can track everything. From our heart beats to how much calories have burnt. Everything!! We want to order food by using app. We want to get over social media by using app. We love doing things which are ‘Apps’ . Haha!! To find love we (Okay!! Not everyone)  use App’s.
So!! It’s better to get started with a app which gives you practice of meditation.

Well!! Lots of people just can’t sit over with their eyes closed more than five minutes.
Of course, it takes time!!
So, you don’t need to go outside, all you need is an ‘app’ which is ‘headspace’.

Well!! Those who don’t want the app thing or any technology to interfere. They can just practice a week or a month over an app or join a club and there you go. If you are disciplined, you can do it on your own!!

Headspace is beneficial for all those in twenties and ages ahead, darling!! They have the session for kids too..

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So!! Join headspace and share your app experience with me.

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14 thoughts on “Headspace in twenties

  1. Apple Store has an App that helps you “calm” down. Something that we Indian need desperately. Amidst the chaos and commotion that highlights our everyday existence.

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  2. Headspace sounds like cool and in today’s times when we need to find a balance. I have calm app on my phone and love it. True, as Indians we have such a rich history and believe that going to our gem like Ayurveda and meditations will help us a lot. Little do we realize about our rich legacy.

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  3. I found Headspace four years ago and after three years of renewing my subscription, I got a lifetime membership, that’s how valuable it’s been for me. I love Andy, the wisdom (the ancient wisdom he learned) that he shares. It combines modern tools with incredibly valuable lessons. It’s a way to learn meditation and to learn about life and how to separate from the suffering we often cause ourselves.

    I’ve created some space between me and the various “voices” in my head. That’s what I write about: the characters that show up and interject their opinions. The lessons from Headspace are giving me tools to respond to those voices–those characters–differently. It’s a blessing.

    Love to hear it’s of value to you, too. Thanks for sharing!

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