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Allowed #1 

Allowed #1

I am allowed to do!!.. I am not allowed.. Fuck !! When we are young that’s true that all our decisions we take may won’t be good.. So we ask our elders and parents.. In Indian culture as well as it is male dominated.. all the ladies shall get permissions…when they are at their parents house.. They need to ask everything to their fathers..if they do something (even good)  the parents will scold them.. And later on when they get married their husbands rule them… what is this??  We ladies are human beings and we could make good decisions..we do have brains.. But society and the overall culture makes women feel inferior..

I don’t like all this stuffs.. 

Girls know how to behave when it comes to security of their own.  Then why to cage them inside four walls. 

When a girl dances when there is any function or festival going on.. Parents yell at her saying that… a girl who dances is considered to be a bad girl.. 

Why is that? 

Girls have right to dance as no one is seeing her… 

And why parents think like that?  Because the safety issues in the world outside..they say.. “you are good girl want to live each moment freely.. But the world is not good.. They may misuse you.. We aren’t caging you.. It’s protection..”

Whatever.. But sometimes it’s irritating…to have so much of protection.. 

Experiencing and growing stronger is important in my point of view. 

So sometimes we need to get out of the way.. And listen to our heart..and live… 

I did some quarrel along with my family…my view is that “ I will do things in my own responsibility.. Nothing bad will happen.. But these are the years I shall experience the most things in life and if any bad situation occurs.. I shall handle it in bold way.. “ 

( for me experiencing doesn’t mean to get intimate with a guy.. And having bad consequences.. Later.. That too is the chapter… but it shall be safe.. For me making career.. And getting independent is important now.. As I know very well that all the people who will come my way will come with false promises.. And only I m going to love myself forever.. And no one else..) 

In twenties, destiny allows you to fly and break the boundaries.. We become a women… we have our own perspective to deal with situations now.. We are allowed to not allow any bad thoughts and people in our head.. Anymore ..we are allowed my nature to make choices… and we shall make it.. After all it’s our life.. 

Few days back I read about women’s getting right to drive the car in Saudi!! 

Every girl from north pole to south pole..has a Pls .allow me story may be.. 

In Bollywood a movie called “lipstick under my burkha” got released.. I simply loved the movie.. Well directed by the director alankrita.

Live beautifully.. And elegantly… and love yourself..😊😊💝💝💝👍

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