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Allowed #4′


Doing great??  

I am sure you are trying to sort out your life. Really we have to and if it’s appearing un sortable then believe in you..start believing in you right now.. 


So, today I was just standing in the gallery. And looking out as we all do.. (haha!!  That’s common)  well,  I saw kids climbing up the door of the garden to get entry in the garden to play.  I just remembered how I used to do such activities at that time.. 

Memories float right in front of me. The remenisce of the childhood friends banged in my mind(i missed them all) I just don’t have any idea where those friends with whom I used to play are…. Really days pass by so quickly..

When we grow we follow all the rules. If I would have gone at that time when the garden is closed I would have waited or get there some other time. But when we were kids all was in our mind was that anyhow we want to play and we just need to get in.. then the whole garden is ours..

We set rules.. But were we allowed to break it when we were kids??  Did we were even aware that there were rules?? 

All we knew that time is that we are allowed ‘to play’!!!  

That door is there to cross over for fun.. Just climb it.. Then you are in..!!  

Take care..!! 

Do tell me which were your childhood memories…


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