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What’s my remuneration?

I went to my Granny's this morning and an old uncle who comes around to have his morning walk at the park wondered what I am doing right now and later moved on with the question saying can I ask you something personal and asked me what's my remuneration. Alright! I told him! There is… Continue reading What’s my remuneration?

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Decade chat with me #3 ( Study to Work)

If I go back ten years I was so willing to go on the Holidays. But now as I have a business I  am more willing to work on the go wherever I go. That's the freelancing freedom after all. But, I am more happy doing the work. I love it!Today, I was chatting with… Continue reading Decade chat with me #3 ( Study to Work)

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Youtube: Channel Trailer

Hello reader! Open YouTube and type "Vrushali Khadilkar" ...................................................... As you know I began uploading videos on YT since last year. And I called it a low-budget production because the cellphone camera was not up-to the mark which feeds the quality quirks, but that worked for me at that moment. Because, I had the hunger… Continue reading Youtube: Channel Trailer