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The Sunday gupshup #1

Hello fellows, How many times have you fucked someone since the year began? Truly!! Well, that is the insane question to start with isn't it. Maybe!! Or maybe I want you to get the hook of this article and read until the last punctuation. Alas! You are here. In the midst of such riotic conditions… Continue reading The Sunday gupshup #1

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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! It is January 1st tomorrow and we will be starting something new. I have taken the challenge by Yoga by Adrienne and will be beginning from tomorrow. I wanted to go to gym and all. But, I am trying to focus on all sets which includes mind, emotional and heart set. I… Continue reading Happy New Year!!

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Decade chat with me #4 (those NEWS)

Hello Masters!! Today I will be talking about the People who made us feel scared through this decade because they were some kind of astrologers and all. I am from India and as today we witnessed the Solar Eclipse the TV channels were all caught up making the scarier predictions about the Eclipse and all… Continue reading Decade chat with me #4 (those NEWS)