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First birthday of another decade…

Yes! It's 2021 and I am celebrating my birthday of this brand new decade. I am so proud of myself and how versatile I am now and becoming. I look forward to take pretty good decisions ahead as well which will mould my life and hold a good pace for my journey. I am glad… Continue reading First birthday of another decade…

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Possessive Bee!

I am possessive over a yoga mat. So, I practice Yoga or some form of exercise every day. Today my little brother asked me whether he can borrow my Yoga Mat and Oh holy moly allowed him and kept churning through my emotions. "That's my mat. That's where I get to unwind and that's my… Continue reading Possessive Bee!

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The third hour is going on and I haven't stepped into Instagram. I am happy! I have noticed that during this period Social Media has played a huge role in staying okay with the happenings. Since last few days the stuff online is making me feel overwhelmed. Literally! Here's an excerpt from a book I… Continue reading Social-stuff

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FREE Social Media Detox Guidebook

Hello, I have a gift for you! I have written a short Social Media Detox guide just for you. Click here to get it FREE I haven't been online on my Instagram since the beginning of November. Apart from posting some feed for my clients I am away from it (like from my accounts) I… Continue reading FREE Social Media Detox Guidebook