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Express #6

Hi!!!!  I hope you are alright… 


When someone goes in operation theatre (OT). I just feel worried. 

I am breathing deep breathes to calm down myself. 

I was reading at an article yesterday on stress and worry which said that the worry and stress lessens the WBCs in our body.  So I’m trying not to worry more. And for that breathing is very important. When we are worried we breathe fast. We shall focus on our breathing and develop the habit of control the breathe when worried.  Slow breath will calm us down.  So it helps in making wise decisions. 

I m going to start meditation. 

When we are experiencing some down turn. We think that “ I wish I would have done my lifestyle better..” which would have helped me.

I’m going to work on making my way of living better.  It’s not that I m going to increase expenses but it’s about how I m living. My reaction to the life events. 

Planning is so much important.  Doing quality study and quality work is so much important during bad situations. 

My tips for those who are undergoing some sort of bad situation.

*believe in yourself that you will come out of the situation. 

*have Co ordination with family members even if you are having fight during routine life forget it in the situation like this. 

* make the patient feel good or the sufferer. 

* plan your routine as well. You have to take care and also perform well at workplace. Wherever the situation wants you ,give your 100%.

* pray!! You need a spiritual hope within you. 

* As money makes our life better,  persons in our life makes it beautiful. Each one we meet throughout our lives contribute in our growth. Some mark their presence in such a way that it leaves the mark or memories forever.  Some are there for few minutes or the acquaintance is less but still they teach us a lot. 

* take care of yourself. 

*  respect the people!  Don’t always be on phone. 

* Work!  Work!  Earn!!  Live!!  Love!! 

* Get mature!!  Come on ground!!  Act like adults… responsible.. 

Twenties are all about knowing that we are here to make difference on earth and all the people and non living things are of value. They are giving their 100%. The bones ,blood.. The dining table we eat on, the mobile, the instagram.. The boy which makes us glow.. and everything… 


Thanks for reading… 

Take care… 



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