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Expressing yourself is important rather then impressing someone. Right?
Let’s go back to our teenage life. When we fell in love with some guy we used to flatter with his presence around and used to wonder what vibes he has that my knees begin to wobble and ruffle… if you were in love back then.. Have you ever told him what you felt for him??
Most of you were in those trembling emotions you were going through. What he feels about me? Does he like me or love me too? So many questions coming in your head…but… feeling? Girls generally don’t take guts to express because the stereotypes say that women shall not express anything so casually.. Even she wants to laugh out aloud.. She shouldn’t ..she just have to show a little…. Expressing fully and with your heart… like speaking your heart and mind out.. Specifically for women’s.. Is not good…
But let’s talk about expressing…
If you can’t express your anger, cry, will you show up love?? So show up.. Express yourself.. You will feel great.. Truly..!!
Don’t think what will happen later…express yourself… !!
Happiness lies in expressing and not hiding it. …

Let your thoughts not keep thinking what people will think about you… OK..

You are free to express…!!

Thanks for reading,

Take care,

Keep loving and expressing…!!



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