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What’s my remuneration?

I went to my Granny's this morning and an old uncle who comes around to have his morning walk at the park wondered what I am doing right now and later moved on with the question saying can I ask you something personal and asked me what's my remuneration. Alright! I told him! There is… Continue reading What’s my remuneration?

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Engagement Feelings

So, as a young woman I find myself in some moments where I randomly search for proposals, blue topaz rings, engagements and so on. I love proposing but I want to feel that feeling too. Right now I don't have anyone under radar who could do this deet or some of them weren't quite there… Continue reading Engagement Feelings

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That Onam Day 21/08/2021

Feeling pretty resourceful right now. I am having an introduction meeting few hours from now. Its a client from an agency, you know! I have prepped the presentation deck and I am pretty excited with the solutions I have came up with. A week long project it is. It's rainy weather outside and the sun… Continue reading That Onam Day 21/08/2021