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Express #4.. one min read.. 

Hi!!  It’s November!!!  From today… 

I wish you all a great November ahead.. 

As my mom was along with my Nani (grandma)  I cooked the meal. 

I m the girl who don’t like cooking anything.  But when you are in some sort of undergoing challenges you have to do. I was doing the mom like duty like dropping by little brother school,  picking him up from school, then making him study, seeing what my family wants and making meal. 

I really feel that some way or the other we had to be of use to someone but in a good way indeed. 

When I plan something and say it aloud,  things don’t go that way.  Does this ever happens with you? 

I had to be a responsible girl .

You know, our family raises brows and feels good that their daughters have grown up and taking care of house.  It feels great!!  

I like taking care and make them (people including family)  happy.. 

Thanks for reading.. 

Take care… 


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