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Allowed #5

Today it was good overall and from tomorrow the routine begins. 


Can you tell me your best five qualities?  Which helped you in deciding your path for career?  We’re you ever confused or didn’t know where to go?  
When we are protected a lot. In some way we are kept away from experience. And as we don’t get experience of the world out there we don’t get mature. Maturity is a time game?  Or we achieve it with experience?  

People keep on saying you are not mature enough to understand. What do they mean exactly?  I just don’t get it. I don’t know why..when we think a lot and then act.. That’s maturity. Is that so?  

Yes!!  We are allowed to be mature. But how to learn to be mature and be like fun loving animal as well. 

Did you ever faced any issue regarding your maturity level?  

We need to improve ourself and push forward our potential. There is nothing bad in dreaming because if you aren’t dreaming then it’s like a crime. 

Yeah!!  We all think and try to execute the quotes which we read. Just like, “be the captain of your own ship” oh really!!  Am I really gonna be!!??? Because most of the times it feels like someone else is the captain of my ship. We do dare sometimes to take the wheel in hand and drive along the ocean. It’s scary..!!  And we find sometimes that we are just sailing!!  Fucking with the blue hues over (sky)  and below.. (ocean) ..are we lost sometimes?? 

What you think?? 

Well,  if you are worried. Don’t worry. You will get to your aim very soon when you will get some experience and have a choice.

When in doubt.. Laugh out!! 
Sometimes we really need to deal with the drawbacks. Why I am using ‘sometimes’? Because it’s just for sometime. 
Let me know your view…!!! 

Take care!!! 


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