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Express #7

Hey!! I hope you are doing great.. 
The pain and worry in our lives are unavoidable. 

When we face breakups or something happens which brings sorrow to us we all react in different ways. 

When anyone of partner passes away it is tough for the one who is surviving.  The love bond of more then fifty years is unbreakable (in case of my grandparents) . Such loss brings stress and other illness. 

There are those who deal with it with right attitude and good company. It makes them capable of lessening the ill effects of sadness. 

When the young generation faces break up nowadays they choose wrong way to deal with it.  They attempt the life threatening things. Some of those are so into the relationship that they forget that they have their own life. And when the relationship doesnโ€™t work out they go for stupid things. When heart breaks it doesnโ€™t make noise. Youngsters need to learn how to react to some situations like that. Ending of life and not living for our own goals or duty is stupid. We shall love ourselves!! The young birds shall know that the life is beautiful. Dancer shall never stop dancing even though the music stops. He knows the step and have his own tuneโ€ฆ music plays or stops we shall not stop living happy ever.. 

Take care…


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