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(Right now I m Just lazing around my room and looking at my screen while typing this and want to talk a lot. I m knowing and getting sure that I m quite lady and love people around me a lot…even I don’t talk a lot.. That’s me… I hope that you will have a great month of June ahead)
May was like full awesome with hot weather here in my nation.
The first week of the may month brought lots of unhappenings in my city. Riots took place but gradually all got well.
(I was scared as the things were turning out but you know I got strong and hope for the good to happen like everyone)

I was just thinking how the past few years in fact every year have changed me as a perso image


How innocent and naive I was compared to what I m right now. Is it how a graduate feels totally different. And was that difference worth it. But we change for good over the years. Do we forget to be nice? And the answer is Yes!! Gradually we tend to throw all the sweet words and the sweet nature of ours outside the window.
( And some of the people want our old self back again where we were sweet .. Which make us thing do they want to hurt us again?)

I read the book “Walk to remember”. Awesome book!! The love story!! And then I saw the movie too…

Now in the month of June there will be lots of things you and me can do and continue doing it. As the weather is favourable we can be so joyful and feel good too.
We all write down our monthly goals. But try to be a one who goes with the flow and make June to remember.


While you will be going with the flow do make sure that no one messes with your on going plans.

Try something new to cook.

Don’t be so much nice this month. Nice is just the place in France. Be badass..!!

Okay!! As a millineal I m not provoking to be criminal or somewhat like that. Just be different.
I read a book #girlboss and the writer admits that she used to steal from people. And now she confesses that it was too bad. I recommend all of you to read that book for sure in the month of June!!

And are you among those who get horny AF when on periods? You shall watch the commercial of Tampax..
Watch it on the insta page

She is great director!! I loved her.. So bold!!
Make the month of June the amazing one!!

Have amazing month ahead!!

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Take care..

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