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they wanted to meet & then I said NO

So here again a twenty something is ranting about stuff she is witnessing. My friend called be all of a sudden in the evening and wanted me to come downstairs as the group were already standing ...just to me meet me. .. hey! And as I was busy in home chores and as I am… Continue reading they wanted to meet & then I said NO

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The Full Moon in Aries (talking stuffs)

Time to change a lot of stuff. Big changes for good need to happen for me. I have been making sure to not hold on to the past and the past patterns. Because, I know that's not gonna help me grow to the better person. Here we are to recognize what all have changed since… Continue reading The Full Moon in Aries (talking stuffs)

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sanitized body of you

The sanitized body of you, Glides over me The post-pandemic world gasps at me Your feel nourishes each cells of my body, You pull me closer, Say you are clean (lol) Bumble boys were kicked out, Hinge dating didn't worked out, Tinder didn't allowed me to grind, But, You make me feel winnn.. you are… Continue reading sanitized body of you

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That scary moment

These are the times where I come across with lots of scary moments. Am I breathing properly? Am I doing this well? Is everything good? What's happening? Some times it leaves be trembling and it doesn't matter how calm and composed I am trying to be. It just hits hard! But keeping in faith that… Continue reading That scary moment