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Oh Yeah!!



Oh yeah!! I have been saying this
Oh yeah!!
I have been hearing you say it..
Oh yeah!! Oh yeah!!
I see you in my dreams
freezing me with your lips..
Oh yeah!!
I have been tasting cheesy pasta
Oh yeah!!
Creamy like your Burj Khalifa.. Haha!! Oh yeah!!
I m teasing you a lot
You are chasing me.. For what..
I know.. I know..
Ohhhh yeah!!
Touch me there.. You know where..
Let me gasp..
Oh yeah!! Oh yeah..!!
     This stanzas are by me. The insta write up with my feet towards sky.. Oh yeah!! I m on my bed looking up on the screen writing this all just for you to read.. And say aloud…oh yeah!! C’mon say it.. Oh yeahhhh!!!

Wow… Great!! Ohhhh yeah!!
So!! Have you touched your “oh yeah spot yet???”
All those oh yeah stuff from having orgasms and making your laundry happen.. You say oh yeah! When someone verifies the work you have done and asks you too… What you say? Oh yeah!! Oh yes!!
But ladies just inhale while saying ohh and exhale saying yeah. Let your pelvic floor move and you feel it. Create oh yeah moments!!

You know after releasing the urine the satisfaction that lights up your face makes you say..oh yeah!!

We say oh yeah oh yeah.. So many times!!

And I know after reading this you are gonna say aloud Oh yeah!! (I m laughing)
I hope you loved the short read..

We can meet on the destination called instagram

Let’s have some “oh yeah” conversation and much more fun.
I would be happy if you touch me.. Haha.. Okay the link here (press It)

And tune in with my “oh yeah” voice on

And do stay in touch and get on my blog where I will be pouring out more “oh yeah” sort off articles.

Twenties are all about pleasure and believing all the time in yourself. Oh yeah!!  You can be happy. Oh yeah!!  You can be happier if you read my articles.

So!! I would love to know your oh yeah moments.. Share!!

Take care!!

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