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Words, Travel and More!! #2



When one is watching the life and something strikes it like anything. It just shook our life after all. And when one has to live the life with full solitude and many unexpected life shaking things happen it’s like so bad. We pray to god to give us the courage to muddle through our loss. Have you ever experienced how does that feel when your loved once is at the hospital? If not, I wish that you never experience and save your mind from the uncertainties. Total uncertainties!! The feeling that just shook your heart and head. I have spend lot more time in the hospital along with my grandparents. I learnt lots of stuffs there. While making my way out of such stressful atmosphere where anything can happen. While being there I was just watching the patients . They were knowing and experiencing the truth of life and remembering their past. I used to just shiver when doctor used to come to check. But within I used to shiver but I was too much strong above. I used to bring hope and smile. And really I love when I m able to bring smile on their face. But when anyone dies and you just can’t save them “that one thing” just breaks your heart. So!! If you have anyone who is in the hospital just go with them and take care. If you are in your twenties like me and are hustling and living life like a crazy just take out time and spend the time along with your loved once in the hospital. Where you know someone will be alive the next second or not.
It teaches you a lot .
Carry the confidence & hope.
Be with them and make them feel special. Stay positive!! Create good vibes and then of course the medicines will work.
Being there for many days could be irritating but please don’t make that feeling be with you the whole day.
When you serve and could see them recovering you will feel the happiest. Count your blessings!!
This experience will help you in the long run.

Our heart in twenties can’t take much load. But try to handle it. It will make you strong.
Spread love.

While being with someone at the hospital
Carry hand sanitizer. Your own water bottle. Money. Spoon and chocolate. You can need it.
And I want each and everyone of you to hope and be strong. That’s it!!
I spoke about the town in Hungary in the prior article. ( I shared the information about Budapest)
Let’s get acquainted with its health care too.
Healthcare in Hungary

The quality of medical care in Hungary is up to the standards of most Western countries. This, combined with the relatively low cost of medical treatment in Hungary, has made the country a burgeoning medical tourism destination.

Healthcare in Hungary is financed by the Health Insurance Fund (HIF), which allows access to a wide variety of treatments in public hospitals. The HIF is funded by public contributions and money from the stat.
(Information gathered from the website about healthcare)

We have founded various destination and sometime lots of celebrities go far places to undergo various surgery. In Thailand the ‘sex-changing’ surgery is done with great preciseness and just for that Thai healthcare is known for.

So!!  There are people who travel especially for doing surgery as well. And the places are called healthcare destinations…

Have you ever been to any other country for the treatment?
Let me know.

Readers!!  In this segment onwards of “Words Travel and more” we will be talking about relationships. Cheers!!
Not only we will be talking about relations with your partner but we will be talking about the relationships with our grandparents too.
Relations in our life are important as they make us wise. Don’t you agree?
Being in modern world I feel that are we keeping in touch less with the neighbors in our locality?
How is the relationship with our neighbors?
We will be talking about making more good and smart relations and keeping them away from some things as well. There is so much to talk about.
If you want help in something you can’t go to your relative who stays far at that moment but all you have is your neighbor to get help from. Right?
Share with me your stories and fun you have along with your neighbours.
I will be covering topics from your relationship with your toes, lower body and your relationship with your hairs as well.
Exactly!!  From top to bottom.

Dear reader!! 

Share with neighbors

I have seen my aunts and granny sitting in the place outside the house during evenings while chatting with neighbors.
Lots of people do share the special dishes with their neighbors which increases the bond.
And it’s not important that you share everything. But your handmade food will be liked by the aunt who lives beside you.
And while sharing some food to taste you can catch his stare or a glance which will make you a good cook in coming days because you could see him and give treat to your eyes. (laughing)

I hope you enjoyed reading!!
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I hope you loved it.
Take care!!

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