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Sunshine Blogger Award 2021

If you find the right people on here they will stick with you. Stick with you in your good times and bad. I won't compare any other platform with this and the community because we are living in the world where outrage, social media identity happens to be the currency. The community brings in more personalized experience and it all opens up the windows to very intimate stories which no one within your circle actually knows.

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Game of Thrones

It all began in 2011 and it was the summer in my nation. I was below 15 years old at that time. When the teasers used to get on HBO, it was fascinating. But, at that time there was no personal laptop to watch GoT on laptop or a phone. Only television! We used to… Continue reading Game of Thrones

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End with a bang| turning20web

  End with a bang, End with a bang, He kicks away the sad pang.. He welcomes me with a bang.. Bang!! End with a bang!! The year began with a spank, The new year will start with a bang, Making love never stops, Until there are those ecstatic tears.. Which... Happens with a bang..… Continue reading End with a bang| turning20web

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You are different

When we are delivered with whatever we want. It feels good.   Sometimes, to know ourselves more nicely it's necessary to say no to the things we used to say yes to. Just to know what exactly you want!!   Remember, you are different person. You may go into something which is awesome but your… Continue reading You are different