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Braless Week


Now few days before I asked my buddies their view on how they would feel a week without wearing a bra?

And boys were more curious when I asked them about how they would feel if they knew a girl in front of them is not wearing bra… they seemed more aroused… some were cold as the ice… some were okay if we girls go for #bralessweek

When one does not wear a bra and if the nipples go harder. The sweet nipples enter the room first before the whole girl enters in… that fucking nipple peeps with full force outside and shows herself even though clothes (in layers) are put on. Haha!!


So, prefering shabby clothes and large sized 👕 t shirts… is a great idea to go for. Without bra it really feels good And especially in hot weather like this. Phew!! Loosing out the hair… no bra… it really feels great!! (girls do try it)

If you want to create and add on fun to your braless week.. Wear more show off clothes. Let those boys check you out. And If you don’t want to, there are hardly any chance that people will get to know that are you wearing a bra. They will or won’t even guess are you wearing Victoria’s secret or not.

Just imagine if your guy comes right in front of you in the bralessweek.. How easier that would be for him to reach at your treasures.. What will be your fantasy? Do share with me. Feel free to Direct message me on instagram

That guy would get your lemons and will make sure they become watermelons. (Size of breast) …


If you are dancing or shaking/exercising wearing a bra is very important. Otherwise those boobs move and we aren’t comfortable with that. We love firmness and that’s our secret. And you know when we feel the most comfort? I feel that when we are wearing the best inner wear which is comfy.. We feel the most comfortable. It’s just like the way we feel inside it radiates outside.. You get that!! So, I must say that you shall go for good inner wear clothing.

Don’t just buy those appealing and cute bras and panties when he is going to remove them.. But, years before , days before as well enjoy for your own self. There are lots of sites like zivame which gives us lots of options for purchasing bra and panties from size zero to XL. Remember, we feel good when we wear it right…

So girls!! Love your boobs!!

And… .

Do whisper someday to someone that..

“Don’t just hug me, squeeze my boobs” (I m laughing)


Let me know your thoughts…

Take care..

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36 thoughts on “Braless Week

    1. Astrology based was my prior post buddy.
      In this post it’s all about the braless week..
      I m glad you liked it..!!


  1. Haha this post made me laugh! I go braless all the time, since I hit my 20’s, I’ve started to care less and less about what others think. And I find some clothes, like backless dresses, look so much better without one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I m glad that you commented.
      Thank you so much!!
      Just a smile and blush on your face with a pinch of confused mind to comment or not to.. I can understand.
      I m happy that you finally did.
      Feel free!! You are reading my posts.
      I respect your views too..
      So, do you liked it?? What?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know what I should comment, given that this post is girlstuff related. But I think you were very funny and humourous in your post. Nevertheless, I respect your views and I think I am cool with your opinion.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Hey, WHAT.!
    I never came across such post. Is it for real?
    I mean who likes to do that? Is it necessary to go bra less?

    Well according to me the post was much more equipped with desires rather than freeing oneself from a regular routine of maintain their body & lifestyle.
    And yes, it was funny too.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello!!
      Okay!! It’s women choice after all. Women’s love to do lots of stuffs.
      And well talking about necessary… Ummm… If she feels to go braless and just experience… Why shouldn’t she!! Her life her choice!!
      Talking about freeing and desires…
      When one has desires.. And want freedom or a break from routine she/he can achieve it..
      It’s the desire that drives us…
      Yeah!! There is funny element too… 🙂
      I consider your opinion..

      Thank you!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh!! No.. No…
        There is fun and happiness being that way sometimes…
        Trying new and discovering new.. Feelings!! 🤗

        Liked by 2 people

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