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First words we spit out | Talks

So, I was just thinking today as I was pouring my first cup of tea in the morning. What I want to say apart from Good morning? What would be those words? Especially when someone pisses me off the min I wake up. Would I react? Or is that thing worth postponing the reaction for?

Thoughts coming in while I see those clouds pacing themselves as per the wind dictates.

I just spent my Sunday making videos and creating teaser because I am planning to do VlogMas this year. Amazing things lined up! Pretty excited for the same. It is gonna be cozy, natural and candid.

I haven’t logged in on Instagram for over a week as I am on a long break from the platform and maybe I will be there from February onwards. Yes! In 2022. I was on my way of deleting my personal account and the other one but just couldn’t. Because, what if anyone of my potential client or collaborater wants to see or lurk around. And on the other one people can find and enjoy interesting things too. So, there’s that! I won’t be logging in or anything on there. Its going well!

Buying decisions

I’ve been stopping myself from impulsively buying Huda Beauty palette which will be on sale soon. I am not a regular makeup wearer so having a palette won’t fucking add to my lifestyle apart from social/capital culture. Like a Goodwill! Anyways, but I am gonna cave in some body washes and other products which are used regularly by me. My mind is like I want to try new makeup products but I know I won’t be using it biweekly or so. So instead shall I invest in stocks? The website I buy my necessities on has just launched their IPO and have started scaling their reputation. At the core I am a tomboy who just likes to be simple and on some days too into makeup. Of course I am not at all a girly-girl. I have been wanting to read My Body by Emrata lately where she talks about how she got into modelling and earned so much by feeding the male gaze. She is a good writer and has written columns too. Let’s see if I get that book.

Since a decade walking over net

As of now I am in reading mode and upgrading my skills on the side. Via internet society I am trying to learn what all footprints I have left digitally and how I can try to be wise. Work is going well too! I just want more on my table…work! Gonna expand it more.

On YouTube I recently danced on Najaa song from Sooryavanshi. Watch it and let me know how you like it.

Now, will just wrap few things and maybe watch “Red Notice”

Take care and apply some bum bum cream.

Much love,


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