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Love Hard | Seeking Connection

I just wrapped up watching LoveHard a movie starring Nina Dobrev, Darren Barnet and Jimmy O Yang.

The internet! Specifically those dating apps are all about swiping. The writer (nina) chronicles all the disappointments she gets hit with because that’s what the readers love. This becomes so relatable! If you know me since January I have been documenting all the stories and now I am adding it all while I plunge ahead in my NaNoWriMo journey.

The lead actress gets catfished and she flies across the country to meet that guy she was talking to for a while via the app. But, duhhh! He wasn’t honest with her and of course neither she was honest with him. He was just a subject!

In my language he was a content. I have said this to many men I’ve come across. Are we all writers like this? Do we all try to create heart-winning stories of those almost-love-affairs. So, this way millions of strangers can get good reading material they can chew on.

The movie is amazing and it is just two hours long and it warms your heart. The way that guy in the movie thinks of his grandpa. Omg! That’s really sweet. There is so much depth and substance. The guy in the movie makes candles and formulates a scent which makes him think of his grandpa’s smell, his aftershave and those notes of eucalyptus. I know someone who thinks of cricket all the time and pursues it and maybe he is also trying to find his father somewhere in that pursuit too. Aren’t we all?!

When all our intention is to use the bridge of this pursuit to get closer to the one we maybe wanted to spent more time with. Maybe whilst on this journey we can meet someone who may remind us of them. It could be a page of story book, a sport, a ring, it could be literally anything. Or maybe that afternoon’s cup of chai which reminds you of your grandpa in the kitchen.

Chuck the blub now!

A must watch Rom-com of the year. Streaming on Netflix!

The movie!

14 thoughts on “Love Hard | Seeking Connection

  1. Thanks for recommending Love hard and just added it to my must watch list. It’s true about the writing lot and people like us who love creating creative stories. Though, I feel connection must be real and true in cities where relationships often linger on the fake.

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  2. Nina Dobrev ❤
    For some reason, I cannot pass on from Nina Dobrev=ElenaGilbert/Katherina=sexy Vampire … but I do realize that was only one avatar. The movie was alright, I recently watched another movie of Nina's too – Then came You (a 2018 film)
    Nevertheless, can't have enough of Nina Dobrev ❤ ❤

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