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Floating on Land | Erotic Time

Morning makeout sessions are gonna promise a pile up of oxytocin gathering to make one wade through the day ahead and enjoy rather than cope. There is a magic in there in the smelly breath that makes one just enjoy the pleasure points down south and one gets so turned on that the one gotta… Continue reading Floating on Land | Erotic Time

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Turkish 26

Turkish food obsessed On my birthday I took myself out to a very lux restaurant that serves Turkish, Mughlai and Arabic food. I've been so obsessed with everything Turkish drama and songs that I had to make it about tasting some scrumptious dishes. I loved their hospitality so much. The taste is too good as… Continue reading Turkish 26

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June – Facing the fears

Oh! I do have health anxiety and in the month of June it became more pronounced. I could see myself seeking reassurance and feeling terrible with the uncertainty. I found myself in this place is just because I felt betrayed by my body somehow. I kept thinking of how it can behave this way when… Continue reading June – Facing the fears