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I caught myself smiling at the sky | Tastes & Dates November

Blushing looking at screen. Then biting my lips with my bunny teeth. Then looking up in the sky and smiling like when I was 16. Overthinking and interpreting the situation. How he unsaid some things then but just expressed his heart out via texts just now. He have been doing this for a while and I’ve been reacting to all his moves like “okay, whatever”

So, the man I dated in January who told me that he thinks I am great and know things won’t go anywhere further and just TRIED to put a full stop have been bouncing back in my life a month and two months later throughout this year. Its like a new season comes up every time he shows up. And whenever I get more into talking deep stuff and something very romantic he hides under the blanket of work and busyness (I do this too..but still) and doesn’t ride the wave. He inboxed me once again telling me how he can’t brush me off from his mind and firstly I asked him before reacting that is he drunk. But he said he haven’t touched beer since months. And then onwards I replied with some reaffirming replies. Making sure that he knows and is aware that he has been like this since January. He comes he acts cute, he talks very nicely the way I like it, writes long texts and gives long replies which I adore. And he just speaks his heart out even thou’ it is a bit late I like him of course. But you know I really want him to ride this wave and splash his love all over me. (Look what I did there)

I over think he over thinks about something but he is kind of from same profession as me. I have felt for him since he removed his mask at that cafe. The very first week I gave him his birthday gift which was later a bit.

So, it is very sweet. I hope we are looking for a long good game. Of whatever this is and will be.

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