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The First Wave : Documentary

This afternoon, I noticed that NatGeo will be having this documentary about the First Wave live for 48 hours on their website. I couldn't stop myself from streaming it. It is an Oscar-nominated Documentary. "The First Wave" is directed by Matthew Heineman. I spent the first 30- minutes bawling. I just couldn't stop my tears… Continue reading The First Wave : Documentary

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First words we spit out | Talks

So, I was just thinking today as I was pouring my first cup of tea in the morning. What I want to say apart from Good morning? What would be those words? Especially when someone pisses me off the min I wake up. Would I react? Or is that thing worth postponing the reaction for?… Continue reading First words we spit out | Talks

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Love Hard | Seeking Connection

When all our intention is to use the bridge of this pursuit to get closer to the one we maybe wanted to spent more time with. Maybe whilst on this journey we can meet someone who may remind us of them. It could be a page of story book, a sport, a ring, it could be literally anything. Or maybe that afternoon's cup of chai which reminds you of your grandpa in the kitchen.