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Twenties (so far) birthday version

Had my birthday last week and I've been feeling strong and at peace. Few people are still wishing me in my acquaintances & I am saying "thank you :)" Before the day arrived I ordered good food, tasty food the earlier night and I was high on good food. Lip smacking! This birthday I turned… Continue reading Twenties (so far) birthday version

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I caught myself smiling at the sky | Tastes & Dates November

Blushing looking at screen. Then biting my lips with my bunny teeth. Then looking up in the sky and smiling like when I was 16. Overthinking and interpreting the situation. How he unsaid some things then but just expressed his heart out via texts just now. He have been doing this for a while and… Continue reading I caught myself smiling at the sky | Tastes & Dates November

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First words we spit out | Talks

So, I was just thinking today as I was pouring my first cup of tea in the morning. What I want to say apart from Good morning? What would be those words? Especially when someone pisses me off the min I wake up. Would I react? Or is that thing worth postponing the reaction for?… Continue reading First words we spit out | Talks