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Making marriage worth celebrating.

So my parents are celebrating their 25th Marriage Anniversary and I feel very blessed. In the morning, I wished them and was keeping forth my thoughts forward as we were talking about how important and how bumpy ride it can be to make the marriage work.

I told mom, mommy! I just get bored with the same person. She just gave me a “scarey-look” haha..!

But, somewhere down in my heart I do feel that I can have a very good connection and marriage but don’t feel I am ready to get in a married position as of now.

Marriage is a joy and team work. My grandparents marriage is something what I look upto and that’s what I would like to have whenever I will find my husband.

All I need is SPACE.

Christmas is on its way and I have been thinking of doing a vlogmas on YouTube. I don’t know how religiously I will be able to post. I need too anyways!

Well, well, well.. getting to what I learnt about marriage by looking upto my elderly fam members:

  • Stay committed: Always! If marriage is supposed to work for the whole family. You gotta to make it work no matter on which cliff you stand on. Come back home!
  • Understanding: This is the quality i suppose i need to get on more whenever i will be in the relationship. No matter how someone screws up some stuff. Just listen and don’t react if it is not that much important. Sort it through.
  • The world outside: Well, I have lots of contradiction regarding this point. It is about not getting divorced or separate because the outer world may eat up the woman. This is what my very independent granny said. And I denied that just because..I don’t believe in that much..But upto some extent its a point.
  • All of the above: These elements create a good environment for the upbringing of the kids. True!

There are many things I need to work on and the man needs to understand me and plan the future with me. I hope I come across such a good human being some day.

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