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Birth Control

So as we know there are ways to keep the risk of getting pregnant at bay. But as you know we need someone for that sake. Haha! I was seeing a man last month as you guys know and I thought of purchasing the birth control so that we can enjoy some sex if we… Continue reading Birth Control

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The want to feel appreciated

There was a point in my life where I used to feel like when I have everything and I am independent I can get whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted it. And that point is still there and I am grateful for it. But since a while my heart has been needing someone else… Continue reading The want to feel appreciated

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Covaxin, Covishield and Sputnik. Wait game!

Hey lovelies. I haven't got any jab yet. The state I live in has suspended the jab of vaccine I wanted. Which is Covaxin. Sputnik manufacturering will begin in August and then we have the option for that as well. So, I am in the waiting game. The period to take another shot of Covishield… Continue reading Covaxin, Covishield and Sputnik. Wait game!