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The French Evaluation


As you guys might know I am learning French. And it is going in an escargot speed.

But still i am trying to have it in my routine. I hate going on online french classes because then this chick just watches the screen for whole day and then I just can’t understand anything the offline turned online teachers talks about. It is just messy!

So, I managed to join a group where we guys talk about at what level we are at and how we can learn and I am learning whatever material is available on our home “internet*

So, I had the evaluation and this man is so good. He have created a nice spread sheet and keeps track of what are we doing and how much prep we do.

Gosh! He said the rest of the group is doing more well and are far beyond intermediate level and you are at beginner. Okay! But he loves and appreciates my enthusiasm and Can-do attitude.

But I literally need to Jam in the French learning routine in my system without getting lazy.

I hope he will get very very very tres impressed by me and will applause my parle and enthusiasm.

Let’s keep our finger crossed!

5 thoughts on “The French Evaluation

  1. Bonne chance! Je Parle trés pou Français. (Back in high school long ago and one semester in college) I don’t recall much. You got it. One French teacher told me French is like a sponge you get it a little wet and It will come back to you. You got this!

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