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The Crown: Season 4

The recent season of The Crown aired on Netflix is the most obsessive show I’ve watched this year. There are 10 episodes and my heart was taken by the last episode where we see the two brilliant women in power speaking with each other. That’s the farewell of Margaret Thatcher at Downing street and that’s when she signed off from her 11 year reign as the British PM.

I loved the scene in which the queen and the PM are talking about how they build their way through and reached the top in the midst of all gray-hair men around telling them what to do and how to act. We simply see two revolutionary women talking the truth and staying strong.

The acting by Gillian Anderson wins the heart. I began watching S4 just to see how Emma Corrin strikes in the character of Diana. She does well but Gillian Anderson is the one who wins my heart at the end of the season 4 of the crown.

All of them are brilliant actors!

The little typical things of being an alpha woman and knowing what exactly you want and the Power to say “NO” That’s so impeccable!

Also, the chararter of Michael James made an impression who is the Royal Thriller writer now. The Director simply knew what stories to take and what not to.

The show leaves the women with the feeling of empowerment. The way Matgaret makes her way across towards her room where she breaksdown is the moment where we understand how devoted and determined this lady was. Her true passion was to do this job she loves the most. I’ve seen lots of women who have spent their whole life doing some kind of job they are really fond off and when they resign or something like that happens they simply can’t find their purpose back and they feel terrible. There is a point in the series where the Queen tells PM to find and pursue other interest and let the wind flow the way it is flowing. You can’t stop the wave! Sometimes it is okay to understand that there is no point in fighting back and it is time for the new blood to take all the matters in their hands.

It is always been like that for us, right? The download we get when we watch certain series we just love some stories so much, doesn’t matter even if they have happened ages ago but they also make some sense right now as well and has something to tell and teach is right now.

For me Diana brought the sense of vulnerability and elegance to the royals. I see has a beautiful woman for sure but also someone who just got trapped in this unknown territory. But what if she would have called off their marriage and things went the other way..would we admire Camilla more and would she also become people’s princess??! I am sure we won’t have ever gone crazy for Camilla the way we did for Diana. But at the core the love language of Charles and Diana was way apart and they never were on the same page about building a strong marriage because this man was hovering his nuts around another woman there.

There was an age gap but I sometimes think that if Charles would have acted a little bit like his mother and stood strong on the morality and duty towards the crown I am damn sure the marriage would have worked. Camilla should have withdrawned herself from their world once and for all. But, you know that Prince didn’t wanted to give up and now Camilla got married to him. So, there is that love story right there as well..Which remain unbreakable.

Diana gave the Royals the glamour they deserved. Literally, everything happens for the reason and so it did.

Just the way Margaret Thatcher did her part and after 11 years said her last goodbye from downing street something similar but in relationship department was happening at the palace.

One woman wanted to stay in the power and one woman trapped within the power but with elegance.

I sometimes wonder if Diana and PM ever met (my eyes didn’t saw them meeting onscreen soooo)

Diana tried to handle everything with grace but then she was done and ready to completely let it go.

So, basically their marriage showed us that if an another element is screwing up your marriage then its time to fix all of that. So, it could be any outer influence. Its better to shut away all the windows and see how you can successfully handle what you already have in your hands.

The grass is always greener on the other side.

If you need any career + self development advice channel your inner Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth. If you want to be elegant and live a strong legacy behind don’t hold yourself back from channeling your inner Diana.

If you are a crazy aashique who is so much in love that he is even ready to marry his love after 50. You are incredible as well.

Disclaimer: No intentions to harm anyone’s moral. Here, it is just my personal opinion.

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