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Pleasure in Silence #2

Hey guys!!

We want ALL to want us and to desire us and love us. But do we forget to love our own self and
do we run from our own identity? Sometimes or very often.. ?

We can’t run from our own selves and forget about the truth which lies within our core…
We have to accept it!!

We all try to improve our own self as much as we could but something remains untouched.
Life never stops teaching us something.
If you are good it will try to make you bad.


Yes!! Sometimes it happens..

The story.. Pleasure in silence
Let’s get back to the story..
You wanted to hear about what happened in the office and on the backseat..


All the engineers had a meeting and Clara and Ronnie were there too as both of them were engineers. Clara looked stunning in that black corporate outfit. And Ronnie looked a hot mess and couldn’t take his eyes off Clara as she was giving the presentation.
(Clara in her mind kept on fantasizing of Ronnie. She was never that stupid to fantasize about anything when in meeting.. But today last night’s thoughts weren’t leaving her mind…
So she just kept on thinking… )


And what happened in backseat?

That I want you to tell me!!

Do write the story and your opinion in comments …
Would love to know..

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