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5 New Year resolutions for the girls who are learning to love

How are you?
2018 is ending up. December is about to get over and it’s going to be fantastic.
But you know we can conquer and win as much as we could in this month as well. Though it is year end… We all will be trying to make most of it.



1) Be true to yourself and know well what you want.
The year is getting to an end and the next year will be brand new. You know one thing now for sure that if you are true and takes decision with heart but use the mind to execute it. That’s important.. So know what is the truth. You want a commitment in a relationship or you just want someone to be with. You want love or body amusements. You Answer!! Go with what’s the truth. And once you know that kick what needs to be kicked and love and accept what needs to be loved. Wholeheartedly!!

2) Dare to step back when your heart says so.
It’s not important that you always fall prey to the predators who wants our body and don’t want more. As you know that you want someone with whom you can share emotional bond …you shall dare to step back from them. You win!!

3) Commit yourself properly
As I’m saying this… which means you remain true and commited.
Don’t kick promises you have made to yourself. If you commit yourself that you will wake up at 5 then wake up then. If you say you will have lots of self pleasure moments.. Have it!! If you commit to yourself that you will be comfortable without make up.. Just be when you have to be..
Get it!!

4) Love yourself and watch yourself in mirror.
Really you look beautiful… Very beautiful!!
Look after your make up (if you are wearing) and praise your elegance. Without forgetting!!

5) Break the barriers
Darling!! Not sure what will happen? Break the rules and see what happens. If it’s your dream, go for it!!

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