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Pleasure in silence| turning20web


Hello!!I hope you are doing well. Thank you for reading this blog. Let me know your thoughts and stories. I would love to listen..


The page we visit to search and explore more Google had a doodle today about the sign language. Why won’t I love it? Just like you I thought of learning it and just like you I learnt how to say ‘Love’
See?  How similar we are.. Aren’t we?
Without saying a word and in the pin drop silent we can establish a communication. A communication via which we could speak about everything and if the person to whom you are talking to gets it.. Only!!! When he knows the sign language..
So, just like me don’t you think you shall start learning?
Though we could speak.. won’t that be amazing, if we communicate with our romantic partner with signs and touches…?
We are good at expressing our feelings because as you know eyes never lie and can’t hide anything.

I would be posting some videos on sign language. That’s in my list for the week ahead. Will I be doing great at it..? Is one week okay? Will see..!! But that’s going to be incredible..
We shall really try on new stuffs and twenties are all about learning and exploring..
So!! If you are talkative and irritating like me(i m laughing at the facts) then both of you shall know sign language.. Let the communication be like that.. Try it!! How romantic it can get and steamy too..

   If we ever meet a deaf person and we know the sign language.. Just think about it.. We can communicate!!
That would be so helpful if us.. And so amazing! The peace we get after helping..

I have my all respect for the deaf people out there. But I know one thing that they are talented and unique.
I want to be the one helping them out.


“Kabhi couch par, toh Kabhi kitchen mein..
Kabhi office mein toh kabhi gadee ke backseat par”

“Someday in couch, someday in the kitchen…
Sometime in the office and sometime in the backseat of the rover.. “

Yes!! It can happen anywhere…

As I was talking about sign language lets mix everything Now.
I hope you my sweetheart!! You know what I mean.. Don’t you?

It’s a winter morning and Clara wakes up late. Really very late. And until he came back home.. As he was returning from Sydney. Clara… Got ready!!
They both met each other after a month and doing face time over screen was not at all enough to pleasure up the shooting up hormones in the body at all. Only blending with each other was the solution.
They both were clever and knew.
They just began to take up new skills and it was sign language.. And Clara started with it.. And he started to answer back with the same language.. ASL!!
It was adding the whole Spice to everything..
While using that language it’s very important to express with face as well.. So not only fingers.. We use facial expressions too..
They spoke a lot.. That way!! And only one thing was wanted by them.. And pleasure was the thing playing over and over on the loop.. While talking silently..
They both knew.. Now only the sound of pleasure will break through the glass windows and walls.



Ronie came towards her and his tossled type of hair.. Due to travel.. Which was looking very natural were so exciting.. Clara got more excited when she touched his shoulders and the trimed hot looking beard.. Oh my god!! He was exotic..
While Clara had well conditioned hair tied up tight.. Because of which her beautiful neck was appearing and her features were looking sharp and intense..
Her plum red lips were…the arousal for Ronnie..
He pulled her closer..
Both of them just did.. “hmm.. Hmm” ..and “umm.. “
And smiled..
She helped him remove the grey tie which matched his eye Color..  eyes were locked… Just like the lock of which you can’t find the key o



His chest looking strong and honey like.. Just the way she loves!! She hugged him tight.. She stroked his hair and felt the beard which brought shivers and there was a knot and things happening inside her belly..
He brought shivers..
And unexpectedly, she pushed him on the couch and now she was playing the D and took over all control. She is the rebel.. She is gonna eat him right then..
All that she wants from him is NOT STOPING..
After all it’s all about her HAPPINESS..

The oven alarm broke out.. And they both got up.. And Ronnie lifted her and took her on the kitchen top..
Shut the oven up.. And
Was back to the game..
The aroma of cinnamon was exotic just like Ronnie. He was her favorite flavors.. Inhaling his masculine feel and fragrance nussling up his chest...
It was so mischievous and simple yet erotic ..for Clara.

Sometimes, simple things and simple gestures can prove to be the great turn on for us..

Of course!!



Yes!! I would love to cover what Ronnie and Clara did at the office and on the backseat..
But, I will!!
In upcoming articles..

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