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Twenties are all about moving with the pace and at the same time realizing that sometimes we need to slow down.
But we just slow down when we have certainty. And so we need to serve our whole needs.

While getting in tune with our personality and revealing to the society what you are and how talented human you are. And you are here on earth for some reason. Some of us all reveal all the talents very fast and some of us take time. Some plan and some go with the flow.

For all of us it’s very important to create a good RESUME to land a good job no matter how huge the package is.

Your experience and your skills are gonna help you go ahead.
Our each deed since we are here makes our impression on the resume.

Make your resume look the ultimate the way you make your social media profile look. Simply amazing!!
Now the social media presence also plays huge role while getting job. So see to it that your account is simply you and you post good. I m not saying that you have no right of sharing your opinions but you shall be good while being on media even you have some bold feed. Just be you!! Be genuine!!

When in school or doing any studies see to it that you fetch good grades and not at all worst. Improve!! Grades are seen by the people who are gonna hire you. Right!! 

Keep on upgrading your skills as per the demand.

Participate in lots of competition so that you can add such extra curricular things in achievements section of the resume.

If possible try to get yourself an internship. And do some work while in college. It’s beneficial!!  I wished I could do that…
No matter!! Let’s do it now.. It’s never too late to improve..

Take the help of Microsoft Word to build a good resume also there are lots of websites which help us out to create a resume along with cover letter. Look proffessional!!

Create your own mail id and see to it that you mention that one in your resume also if you care giving your cell number see to it that you don’t change it. Opportunity can come!!
If you are going to do something with your skills like dance and singing.. You don’t actually require the resume!!
What you need then?
Yousume? (resume+youtube)
Resugrame? (resume+instagram)

Well!!  Yes!!  You need!!
Remember that as you have internet and a good talent to show the world DO IT!! Simply do it!!
I know struggle is there. But you will enjoy for sure.
Build a good profile.
Talking about social media think first of posting and creating a music for example on just one social media. Later turn on the all social media. Learn things which each one of us shall know such as digital marketing and all.

So!! There are lots of ways to start. Simply start!!
Everything you will get so at least take the step.

I hope this was helpful.

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Take care!!

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