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setting up the equilibrium| clients| Business

When something is not working out for you and your goals are totally different it is always important to choose what serves you for the best. This is the experience I had with a client who were giving me good money for the services I offered but their structure to work was not giving me… Continue reading setting up the equilibrium| clients| Business

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Monday morning rush

Hello everyone my favorite virtual pals. I hope you are doing well. I have a got a good start now. I actually got to enter an ed-tech sector where I am honing my sales skills which will help me out get my business onto next level in upcoming years. The company is doing well in… Continue reading Monday morning rush

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Things are changing and I am happy (interviews)

So, suddenly one day I got an email from a company which is from the education space that I've applied for a sales associate job which will be work from home and you need to fill in the details here to confirm the call. I was so confused! Because, I couldn't recall that I've applied… Continue reading Things are changing and I am happy (interviews)

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When I took Interview

Hey! First I want to tell you that you are an important part of this WordPress community. So, as I am scaling my business and I took up a task to get some interns on board for a client. So, I took interviews of more than 20 candidates. They all were good. Some were too… Continue reading When I took Interview