International Yoga Day!!

Never thought in 2015 that yoga will be celebrated and people will get out on roads and do yoga together. We will get reason to post and also feel good after posting even though we haven’t imbibed yoga as a routine.

Someone of the authority knows (PM narendra modi) that the generation which celebrates break up day after Valentine’s day can celebrate yoga day too. As the youth wants a ‘day’ to celebrate and create feed on social media account.

Some do yoga in jockey or nothing.

Yoga is love with our body.

So!!  Know yourself within and start healing..

Twenties are all about adopting good things which will help to nourish our life as a whole.
So!!  Exercising is important. It shall be the part of the routine. But many of us forget to do so.

There are lots of types to have a healthy body. You can get involved in Zumba Fitness academy or you can try different workouts.

You are going to look good once you start making the exercise habit which will get converted into lifestyle.

I love getting involved in such exercise. Yoga is soft and doesn’t include any robustness. Because it calms you. So!! You can tune with good music and practice yoga. Breathing is everything!! Practice your breathing (yogic breathe) well which will prove beneficial to your body. Start the asanas slowly stretching to 30 sec. Yoga heals!! You just have to give time.

Start doing exercise!!

Let me know once you begin
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