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Twenties (so far) birthday version

Had my birthday last week and I’ve been feeling strong and at peace. Few people are still wishing me in my acquaintances & I am saying “thank you :)”

Before the day arrived I ordered good food, tasty food the earlier night and I was high on good food. Lip smacking! This birthday I turned into a foodie max. & Didn’t bought any fancy clothes either. From now on I will be investing more of myself into books, films, live shows, food & other experiences. The thing is I just don’t want to order fancy clothes every year at all. Here comes pro adulting & priorities!

In the morning my uncle stopped by and the cake cutting happened and then I went at my Granny’s place. Had talks with her and took her blessings! And then at dusk played billiards & had a slice of pizza or two while sipping mocktail.

Oh and did I mentioned I went on basketball court to sweat out in the morning. Woohoo!

It was very adventurous day. Totally my thing! Jupiter Neptune Conjunction happened after 13 years & in Pisces after 166 years on my birthday. I was so hyped!

I wrote a song for myself too. But before you go and listen to that do watch my video where I talk about what I’ve learned in my twenties so far.

That’s mee!

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