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Rolling proudly in 24!

Trust me while things are going crazy around with the pandemic it takes a lot of time to consider taking some time out and enjoy the day. But today I am not gonna complain right now. We can see it all in the news. Today we will talk about how we get the at the… Continue reading Rolling proudly in 24!

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First birthday of another decade…

Yes! It's 2021 and I am celebrating my birthday of this brand new decade. I am so proud of myself and how versatile I am now and becoming. I look forward to take pretty good decisions ahead as well which will mould my life and hold a good pace for my journey. I am glad… Continue reading First birthday of another decade…

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Inviting you for my Birthday!

I haven't painted my nails yet. Stuff I do on usual birthdays which I am avoiding now. As in self-isolation I have decided to get the shade of quarantine in my birthday celebration. Well, I did went at the nearest store and asked whether there were balloons and stuff. No one had it! I decided… Continue reading Inviting you for my Birthday!

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Birthday & “After” review.

Hey!! Yes! I saw the movie "After" and I feel that reading the books was much more intense experience. The movie is made in rush I guess and is very very fast. Those who have read the series knew what to expect but of course a one hour movie can't absorb all the scenes established… Continue reading Birthday & “After” review.