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Hitting the quarter life

Adulting makes you fall in love with practical things. The discernment muscle starts flexing itself and begins to make choices. My birthday month is here and I’ve been contemplating on how shall I celebrate the same. Shall I purchase a new dress? Shall I get something different? But my past self would have adored this fact on another level and now my present self wants me to invest in stocks and some practical stuff. Good experiences and food too! Oh yes! I’ve been on a tasting spree for this and that reason. It is the Oscars let’s have some coffee it is Grammy let’s have some ice cream. As I talk to you guys here I am waiting for my ice cream delivery to come any minute as the Grammys will start within the next few hours.

Things change so much. We have to keep so many things at Bay even they look glossy and tempting.

But while I step into my quarter life mark I am trying to make different choices and create a list of non-negotiables and make a good future for myself.

What makes me think more practically is the thing happening in our neighborhood country. Sri Lanka is facing an economic crisis and considering everything. Inflation is everywhere!

Hence, I am trying my best to not please anyone else and live a sorted happy and peaceful life considering the situation right now. For every $1 I used to spend for example I have to spend $2 extra due to changing economy and everything.

Also, as I am not on any social media showing off the birthday and stuff doesn’t even become a priority. Things have changed and that too for the better.

Either I will pick a loungewear comfort set or something I can use every fucking day. I am also desiring for him to get a bit animalistic with me and treat this lady in her birthday month.

I feel calm. How’s your weekend going on? Do you watch Grammys?

5 thoughts on “Hitting the quarter life

  1. I wish you Happy wala budday in advance since you haven’t shared. Indulged a little whichever way you feel and that’s alright to feel that way…been through and would say m still stuck in quarter life hehe

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