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So, its been a month or two that I can see that my thumb nail of both my feet are broken from the corner. Months back I remember wearing pair of sandals for a photoshoot and there was an intense pain in my feet. Specifically the thumb! Pain pain pain! I could see the pointy point of the sandal has just clogged the nail there and I could feel. Who knew then that the clotty stuff I saw then was something like nail-broken-pain.

Now as it is growing on there is no pain but that just freaked me out so much. I am never gonna wear something which really doesn’t fit me at all. Doesn’t matter how much fancy that serves me at that moment. That might leave me with wonders for future. Hence, big no! Lesson learned!

It might take a month and a half to get that crack out of my nail-scape. Later I am gonna use the nail paint remover and give my nails a healthy show of detoxification. Bottle is fin hence need to grab one.

As we grow there are so many things to keep in mind. Everything just keeps us in that wondering stance.

My grandfather had a feet ulcer hence he used to wear a specific slippers and shoe for the same. He used to wear it everywhere he went. Houses and at temples! Just everywhere. Whenever I see that pair of slippers in a showroom I miss him so much. It was his USP! Along with his cream coloured T-shirt and Navy blue pants. Forever his trademark!

My mom used to hoard all my sandals and shoes from the time I was born. Everything was kept to get sweeped by nostalgia. That’s what mothers do! Then I had my brother and everything was kept. Our foot sizes changed shapes and sizes. I have a long foot. And now I know that I am not gonna wear heels neither any choking sandals. At all!

I don’t even step out of my house without wearing slippers or Crocs. They are so flat that the chances to fall or fall flat are very low. I love wearing sports shoes a lot! Mostly in the mornings these days.

Oh! I do have socks with holes in it! A few of them aren’t frayed at all. Their day will come too.

In summers I really hate the smell the foot-sweat create while they are socked. They are literally soaked in sweaty fragrance. If you haven’t washed the socks for like a decade then trust me your feet will give someone a rollercoaster ride.

So, wash it!

Tell me your foot-wear story or socks story.

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