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I deleted Instagram completely

So, today I deleted two of my Instagram accounts after a lot of thinking. One might serve as my online portfolio up to some extent and while the other one is just so people know I exist.

On the AAS account, I did lots of things and I wanted to put one message about the same,


She’s off the grid! 

Thank you for stopping by and being here. Grateful to everybody who has been a lurker & a supporter in whatever capacity. I appreciate you very much! I’ll cherish our interactions forever. I am sending you love, always! 

I hope anytime you stop by this page you will find your inner sunshine which always awaits to shine bright. While I was planning next year ahead Instagram didn’t make the cut. Hence, I am listening to my instinct and gonna bid adieu to this chapter. 

I’ll always treasure whatever I’ve learned via this platform. It helped me evolve as a person and infused confidence in forging ahead with gusto. Via this space, I was able to move the needle and be a part of the solution rather than the problem. This version of my idea achieved its purpose totally. 100%

Very happy & satisfied! 

Cheers to new horizons!! 

P.S: If you wanna ask or need help with anything mail at and also you can subscribe to the newsletter & YT. Link in bio. 

Much love,


I planned to just get off-grid prior and put this message out there but I then thought of what is holding me back from deleting it totally. Hence, this step!


Both the accounts were a part of my life for 5-6 years overall. And I just want to dare once again to delete the social media and find my new blindspots again which I don’t know anything about.

I am all in taking all the stuff that comes with it. I am planning to document my journey on YT talking about how it is impacting and etc etc. It is going to be fun!

But you know what I did today was something totally different. The thing which was pulling me in is finally stopped. It was a beautiful time and we shall let things go.


One thought on “I deleted Instagram completely

  1. I did follow you on Insta quite recent. Sometimes, it’s good to be off SM for a while and took 5-6 weeks off FB for a break. I don’t find it appealing and will tone it down from now:) Have an amazing 2022 and keep rocking girl.

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