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Sculpting is an art. It just feels like meditation whilst we create the shapes and mould them the way we feel right. In the beginning, our hands just feel joyous in the moisty wet clay that's just tight & right to form an idol. As it is Ganesh Festival here I made the sculpture. The… Continue reading Sculpting

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I deleted Instagram completely

So, today I deleted two of my Instagram accounts after a lot of thinking. One might serve as my online portfolio up to some extent and while the other one is just so people know I exist. On the AAS account, I did lots of things and I wanted to put one message about the… Continue reading I deleted Instagram completely

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Sunshine Blogger Award 2021

If you find the right people on here they will stick with you. Stick with you in your good times and bad. I won't compare any other platform with this and the community because we are living in the world where outrage, social media identity happens to be the currency. The community brings in more personalized experience and it all opens up the windows to very intimate stories which no one within your circle actually knows.