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Dead people’s Instagram | made me think

Opening up another nook in my heart to you today. For a while, I have been pondering over a thought where I think of dead people’s Instagram. Last year I lost one of my school friends and since then that thought has been there in my mind which makes me think of the other side of the gram which looks so fancy.

So, am I going to be Instagramming every day until my last breath? Does not Instagramming so often means that I am dead? There are so many questions I try to find the solution for. It feels so overwhelming and different. Omg!

I don’t delete my account completely thinking that maybe someone would find me and wants to connect on some issue or something. Just that’s the reason and the other one is aesthetics! Aesthetics!

The other account is where I feel people might find something helpful from the resources I have there and other fun videos which people might enjoy.

Look I am not at all a private person. If you look me up on Google you’ll find some stuff. That’s okay with me! But I am really don’t want to keep my accounts active and so on. Also, I don’t want anyone to take my name on Instagram. Later, if I feel like coming back I don’t want to tweak my name at all. It should be so simple to find and all.

I know you might think how much I over think. But yes! That’s what we do!!

Last week when I went back on Instagram to just wish Merry Christmas because I wanted to wish and put out there the project I took up & completed on YT. I just felt how different Instagram is now. How the interface feels different and how crowded everything is. It is like I went from a calm space to somewhere chaotic. I am glad that for a month full I didn’t go on Instagram and came across some fancy ads and impulsively buy something.

I will be back on my updates account next year in a different quarter maybe. And I am taking that decision may be to just completely delete my personal Instagram. Or should I just avoid logging in completely as long as I want? I am so dicey!

My personal account is public and there I only follow 34 people. That’s all!

And I don’t wanna deactivate. Either delete or just let it be.

This is a 24 years old lady pondering her thoughts about the platform and some of her dark thoughts.

Let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Dead people’s Instagram | made me think

  1. I would say keep the account-the personal to have a look around and you can also share your work stuffs as well. haha I can be dicey that way and it’s only since a day I am back on FB without making any noise:) Incognito mode can work as well or just take a pen name or something:)

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