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Romance without social media

Let me tell you one thing! Social Media can just act as a reference point for you to begin a conversation with someone. To praise your sweetheart after she uploads a cute picture or whatever. Such a superficial space, right! If I don’t upload my picture with a book my lover won’t ever know that I am a nerd and literature enthusiast too. No lover will ever try to talk over the phone and get to know more about you these days. Or not even show an ounce of interest to chat and to know the person. Of course, the person will be surprised when you dance your heart out. And their jaw-drops! There is always more to the person than whatever we show on social media. There is more!

So, after deleting I am very excited to see how these studs TALK to me over another platform like WhatssApp. It is going to be very exciting for me! If you know me. I LOVE social media a lot. I am like everywhere. But I just want the adult April to enjoy at least a year of social media. Just a taste!

As a young woman, I thought about whether the men will judge me. Will the man I am dating would know me and would get freaked out because I am not online. Won’t he admire me IRL and not let my social media presence have a hold on the narrative or say my positioning in this dating pool. Okay! I am adding some branding terms here. I am not less than a brand. haha!

It is going to be fun turning 25 in 2022!

Sometimes, we just forget that we have a choice to completely let stuff go.

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